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The inspector general of police has reaffirmed that fresh licenses for bearing arms and ammunition is still prohibited. This statement came after the Zamfara State government purchased firearms for vigilante groups and sought the National Assembly’s permission to legalize their proposed action.

Deputy force public relation officer, Mr. Frank Mba states “consequently, the Nigeria Police Force wishes to state that in furtherance of the subsisting embargo, it has not and does not intend to issue permits to any persons, organization or agency of any state government, for the procurement or purchase of bearing firearms”.

“in view of the need for public education on the subject matter especially with respect to concerns expressed by many Nigerians over the eligibility and rumored desire of some groups to bear firearms, the Nigeria Police Force wishes to categorically state that the laws that guides the use of firearms explicitly prohibit the bearing of various categories of firearms, without requisite licenses”.

“While vigilante group and other sincere community efforts towards safety and security are encourage to work in partnership with local police authorities, the conduct and practice of such vigilante groups must be in total conformity with the laws of the land”.

“Members of the public are advised to be properly guided in respect of the above as the police force is poised to surveillance over their activities”.

“Government and non-government institutions with genuine concerns for the security of their environment are hereby advised to partner with the police and other legitimate security agencies for the safety of their environment”.

“The Nigeria police Force will continue to diligently work towards eliminating all threats to internal security and assures Nigeria of its commitments to their well being”, the statement added.

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Firearms act provision for regulating the possession and dealing in firearms and ammunition states; No person shall have in his possession or under his control any firearm except in accordance with a license granted by the president acting in his discretion.

By: Abiodun Abidoye

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